Lolo Peak Fire, Courtesy: Inciweb

LOLO – There isn’t a lot of good news coming from Lolo Peak Fire Information going into the weekend.

The flames could be easily seen from the roadside as the Lolo Peak Fire crossed the ridge and threatened even more homes Wednesday night, promoting evacuations. Fire Information Officer Bill Queen says the bad fortune continued Thursday afternoon, as the fire continued to burn Southeast towards Florence.

“We know that the fire continued to grow on through the night. With that sort of activity, that’s what led to the additional evacuations late last evening Because of the threat to folks on the east side of the fire and on the northeast corner,” Queen said.

Queen says over 500 firefighters will brace themselves for what he’s calling a critical firefighting weekend coming up.

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“Gonna have a change in the weather again, a dry cold front forecasted to move through. That in itself gives us concern. Because with that, you have unstable atmosphere returning, stronger winds returning. So we’re in a very serious situation here,” Queen said.

Queen says crews are working diligently to divert fire away from structures, which has proven challenging because of the terrain where the fire is burning.

“There again the actions that we’re taking today, to do some burning on the east to establish an anchor against our control line, that’s gonna take several days to implement, but that’s where we need to be right now because that’s where folks are probably in the most danger,” Queen said.

Don Fisher reporting for MTN News