Adam Sanchez enters the courtroom in Great Falls (MTN News file photo)
Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Dunn

GREAT FALLS – The Montana Supreme Court has upheld the conviction and life sentence of a man who ran down and killed a Cascade County sheriff’s deputy while fleeing officers in 2014.

Adam Sanchez, Jr.’s appeal was rejected by the Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Sanchez was convicted of deliberate homicide in October of 2015 for hitting Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Dunn with his car during a high-speed chase east of Great Falls in August of 2014. Sanchez was also convicted of assault with a weapon, assault on a police officer, criminal endangerment and negligent endangerment.

The basis for Sanchez’s appeal argued that the jury in his trial had been given improper instructions that violated his right to due process. Instruction No. 12 says, “When circumstantial evidence is susceptible to two interpretations, one that supports guilt and one that supports innocence, the jury determines which is most reasonable.”

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In its ruling, the high court said, “The District Court fully and fairly instructed the jury in this case, and the instructions did not adversely affect Sanchez’s substantial rights.”

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