HELENA – A Montana man and his wife have the Houston community to thank for the safe arrival of their newborn daughter.

Greg Smith and his wife Andrea moved to Houston a few months ago to further their careers in the medical field.

Andrea was pregnant with an expected due date of Saturday August 26, a day before Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the south.

The couple had planned to drive to the hospital on Sunday, only expecting a few inches of water to be on the road that morning.

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“When I woke up in the morning there was about two to 21/2 feet of water in the street next to me,” Smith said. “We kind of knew at that point that we were in a bad situation.”

Andrea’s contractions, which had been going on for weeks, were growing stronger. The early stages of labor had begun. Smith grew more and more concerned, phoning a friend to coach him through home delivery in the event they couldn’t make it to the hospital.

However, a neighbor jumped on social media to alert others in the area to the situation.

“Within 15 or 20 minutes, there were already 15 or 30 people at our door steps,” Smith said.

All the people were there to help, but soon a garbage truck arrived to transport the couple. The volunteers formed a human chain to help Andrea into the truck.

“It was a pretty surreal moment. You could really see how deep the water was when everyone was standing in it,” Smith said.

Later at the hospital, baby Adrielle was born. The name means “she belongs to God.”

“This is a really neat part of the country,” Smith said. “The people are very good people and helpful to others. I think this storm and things like that really illustrate that. We certainly felt it with everybody and all the neighbors coming together to help us.”

Baby Adrielle was born healthy, but is currently being monitored in the Intensive Care Unit at the Texas Medical Center.