Big Sky Treasures: NASA Camp held at Canyon Ferry

HELENA – Students from around the state had a chance to attend NASA camp this week at Canyon Ferry.

The Museum of Flight, based in Seattle, held their first Washington Aerospace Scholars program in Montana this year that culminated with a multi-day camp at the Montana Learning Center.

Students attending the camp designed a robotic mission to Mars under the guidance of professional scientists and engineers. The campers had to budget their rover and determine what was the most cost effective way of completing their mission

The program teachers said that the best part of the camp was seeing the student’s confidence build during the program.



Park High Junior Sonia Bornemann, said that right before she left for the trip she got really nervous about being as intelligent as the other attendees and almost backed out.

“I’m so glad that I came,” said Bornemann, “It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve got to meet so many new people from around Montana.”

Melissa Edwards with The Museum of Flight said that all the kids that attended are brilliant but for a lot of them they just needed to see that they were capable of doing work. The camp just gave them that extra boost.

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