HELENA – The Montana Department of Transportation has proposed new safety updates for three Montana counties.

MDT has proposed updates to signage and markings at various locations in Cascade, Lewis and Clark and Glacier counties. The state agency wants to notify the Great Falls, Helena and Shelby communities of the changes. They have also asked for feedback.

MDT says the purpose of the proposals is to address roadway departure crashes.

The proposed updates:

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Site 1 – South of Ulm on Secondary Highway 330 on the curve located at reference post (RP) 4.7 to RP 5.2: Install new advanced curve warning signs with speed advisory plaques and chevrons for both northbound and southbound travel directions.

Site 2 – North of Helena on Secondary Highway 280/York Road: Install panel delineation through the curve located at RP 5.0.

Site 3 – West of Shelby U.S. Highway 2. Install panel delineation between RP 262.8 and RP 265.8.

Site 4 – South of Helena on Secondary Highway 454/Unionville Road: Install corridor-wide panel delineation and curve signing from RP 0.00 to RP 2.40.

Construction is tentatively planned for 2018 depending on completion of design and availability of funds.

For more information, contact Great Falls District Preconstruction Engineer Steve Prinzing at (406) 454-5880 or Project Design Engineer Michael S. Grover at (406) 444 4188.

To submit comments mail them to Montana Department of Transportation Great Falls office at P.O. Box 1359, Great Falls, MT 59403-1359, or online here.