HELENA – Military veterans learn specialized skills during their service, some of those skills translate well into civilian life, others don’t.

Making a transition to the civilian side can be a struggle.  The Helena Joining Community Forces hosted community members and specialists at Carroll College Friday to help better understand the challenges and issues veterans and their families face.

Various scenarios were set up to pose different challenges veterans face. Those challenges include veteran legal issues, substance abuse, housing and employment. Some of those challenges are basic needs.

Some of those challenges are basic needs. Those who attended the event discussed ways to help vets meet these needs. From there other challenges can be tackled such as financial counseling and going to school.

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Some veterans say it can be confusing where to find the right service provider.

“I have veterans in my family I have friends that serve, my nephews are active navy now and so it’s important to me on a very personal level that the services are there and they are honored and respected the way they should be,”  Deb Matteucci a veteran said. “This really shouldn’t be that hard to take care of your basic needs and be successful.”

“There a problem with veterans right now or always has been: the relatability issue of a veteran speaking with a civilian. There’s some what of a barrier there right. Experiences that are not shared,” said Luke Urich a veteran

The Helena Joining Community Forces have more than 45 veteran resource providers under one hub, making it easier for veterans to navigate.