Reece Gunshows

BILLINGS – Reece Gunshows, a Billings boy who was hit by a car two years ago, returned on Sunday to the hospital where he was treated to bring some hope to other children going through medical treatment.

Reece was hit by a car on Sept. 24, 2015, on Broadwater Avenue and 12th Street West while walking to school. He was 13 at the time and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The Gunshows family visited patients in the pediatric unit at St. Vincent Healthcare. The family also thanked the nurses who helped 15-year-old Reece and brought gifts to the nurses and the children.

This is the second year the family has made donations on the anniversary of that day.

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“I’m astounded they actually learned this in medical school,” Reece said. “How to do these things from their past experiences throughout their lives. How they all learned that and developed that here.”

“To be able to help families that are struggling with, whether it be groceries or clothes or a meal or gas, those are the things that we struggled with,” said Jessica, Reece’s mother. “And we had lots of people that came up and just helped and it’s just us giving back.”

Reece went through rehabilitation for his legs, arms and speech.

MTN’s David Jay