Braden Matzinger

BOZEMAN – A nine-year-old Bozeman boy has opened a lemonade stand for a cause.

Braden Matzinger, raised $187 for the Montana Wildfire Relief Fund through his lemonade stand at the last MSU Bobcats home football game.

“I really just wanted to help the people that lost their houses and the firefighters that have been trying to fight, out in the mountains and all of that,” said Braden.

Braden and his family were tailgating at the last home football game of the Cats vs South Dakota State.

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He had decided to do a fundraising campaign by asking for donations to help wildfire relief. If you donated, then you would get a cup of lemonade.

His parents were way behind his effort.

“We can definitely do a lemonade stand or something to get that going, and he thought that was a great idea and then he took it from there,” said Braden’s dad Jeff Matzinger. “Nothing short of, we are super proud of him and couldn’t be happier that he is our little guy.”

As for Katie Matzinger, Braden’s mom, she said, “We are just proud that he wanted to do something to help the people of Montana and the firefighters who helped the efforts this summer and it was really his idea to do it. He has a great heart for things like this.”

Braden got the idea from watching MTN’s promotion asking for help with the Montana Wildfire Relief Fund. So far the fund has raised almost $300,000.

“He’s always been a kid watching TV commercials about saving this or that, he’s always said ‘we need to send money to help those people do that.’ This is the first real thing that we could help somebody close to us and be able to actually see it through,” Jeff Matzinger said.

Braden is making a difference because every little bit helps in fundraising efforts.

If you want to see Braden and help him continue his good works, look for him and his parent’s tailgate at this Saturday’s MSU Homecoming game where he is hoping to raise even more money.

You can donate to the Montana Wildfire Relief Fund by mail or online:

GIVE BY MAIL: Mail your check payable to the Montana Community Foundation, PO Box 1145, Helena, MT 59624-1145. Write “Montana Fire Relief Fund” in the memo line.


MTN’s Kenneth Webb