HELENA – The students living in the Captial City now have another option for after school.

Starting Oct. 5, the Helena Indian Alliance will offer a free after-school program for all students, ages K-12.

On Wednesday, the staff got ready setting up games and activities for the kids next month.  The program will offer field trips, healthy cooking classes, arts and crafts and the opportunity to learn about Native American culture.

The Helena Indian Alliance after-school program welcomes kids of all backgrounds, it is not just for kids that have Native American background.

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Youth Coordinator for the Helena Indian Alliance, Samantha Vulles, said she worked hard to prep for the kids.

“All the supplies and everything is provided it is absolutely free for the community to take advantage of this and get their kids in here. I’m mostly excited that they have a place to come, building a rapport with and with the program to where they are excited to come,” said Vulles.

Vulle plans to give journals to the kids so they can write down thoughts and give feedback about the new after-school program.

For more information about the program click here.