Alice Creek Fire, courtesy: Inciweb
Rodgers Pass on Thursday night

HELENA – There might be snow on Mount Helena Friday, but local fire officials are warning that Montana’s fire season isn’t over yet.

As the rain mixed with snow fell for the second day in a row over the Tri-County area, officials are getting calls to reduce fire restrictions.

However, 48-hours of moisture doesn’t mean an end to the 2017 fire season.

“So, yes conditions are better today than they were two days ago but the underlying problem of the drought and the dryness is not gone,” said Tri-Lakes Fire Chief Bob Drake. “And as soon as the sun comes out and the wind starts blowing, all that dead vegetation that was there before is still there. The vegetation is so dry from the drought and where we were that it just doesn’t take anything to get back into it.”

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Chief Drake said fire officials will take another look at the fire conditions next Tuesday.