TOWNSEND – First responders trained for livestock truck crashes at the Broadwater County Fairgrounds on Saturday in Townsend.

The training session was sponsored by MSU Extension, Broadwater County Farm Bureau, Broadwater County Disaster Emergency Services and the Broadwater County Rural Fire Department.

Saturday afternoon consisted of full-scale exercises involving livestock trucks, live cattle and equipment.

A broken livestock truck was used to teach first responders how to safely get animals out of crashed trucks in a humane way.

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First responders were told to remain calm and focus on limiting the use of sirens and flashing lights when approaching a livestock crash to prevent scaring or confusing the animals.

MSU Extension Agent for Broadwater County Allison Kosto was impressed by the amount of participation for the event.

“To be able to interact and share as a fire department, first responders and ranchers shared their expectations, saying ‘when you work with livestock here are some of things you should know,’ so seeing that interaction from both sides today was pretty amazing,” Kosto said.

The hands-on workshop ran from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.