GREAT FALLS – It’s been a busy summer at the Great Falls Animal Shelter.

Shelter officials say the number of stray animals and kitten litters brought in to the shelter hasn’t slowed down.

Since Sept. 1, the shelter has taken in 19 dogs and 12 cats from other shelters around the state and through animal control. But the shelter has also completed 31 adoptions and redemptions in the same time frame.

Shelter officials said the same ratio of animals coming in compared to those going out, has left no extra room for additional animals that may come to stay at the shelter.

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Officials said they have been operating as a no-kill shelter for the past four years, which has had had a positive impact on the community but has also impacted shelter capacities.

“Just about every cage I have in my facility right now has kitties or dogs in it, we’re pretty full which isn’t necessarily a problem we’re just trying to clear out some space and make room for the strays that come in every day,” said Great Falls Animal Shelter Director of Operations Lynn Formell.

The Great Falls Animal Shelter is running an adoption special right now – all cats six months and older cost $25, which is half the normal price.

That includes the cost of spay/neutering, vaccines, a microchip and a name tag.

For more information, click here to visit the Animal Shelter website.