Pictures might be worth a thousand words, and videos could be worth a million words. But an up-close and in-person look… that’s priceless.

Despite the significant advancements in technology, marketing strategies and information sharing that have developed in recent decades, most builders will agree there’s a huge advantage to giving consumers an old-school, first-hand look at their product.

The evidence of that dates back all the way to 1993, when HBIA created an exhibition for the public of newly built homes.

And thus, the “Parade of Homes” was born.

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Seven decades later, the parade of homes concept not only remains, but it’s more popular than ever. Every year, more and more parade-like home showcases are created across the country. Some might be considered typical; others, not so much. But they all have a similar objective – to spark the interest of prospective clients.

The first HBIA Parade of Homes in 1993 had 4 Builder Members showcasing 4 homes.  One of those Builders are in this year’s parade 25 years later.

  • Hamlin Construction & Development
  • Pierce and Associate Builders
  • Mark Lindsay Construction
  • Gold Eagle Construction (In this year’s Parade)


Many of the home builders are featuring energy and water conservation construction advantages, universal design architecture and fantastic new products and services worthy of attendees’ interests. The Parade usually attracts approximately 2,500 to 3,000 annually.
Member participation is extraordinary whether as a builder, manufacturer, vendor, supplier, lender, real estate broker and contractor alike.  The magazine has become a yearlong resource guide for members and consumers too. The event has proven to be a financial success for the HBIA.

HBIA continues to strive to remove barriers for Homeownership.  Keeping homeownership affordable is very important to our members.  The American Dream exists right here in our own back yard “HOME OWNERSHIP” and HBIA is leading the way.



Friday, September 15th 2pm – 7pm

Saturday, September 16th 9am – 6pm

Sunday, September 17th 10am – 4pm

Visit to purchase tickets and view the 2017 Parade of Homes 25th Anniversary Magazine. Download our free app for up to date parade map & routes.

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