HELENA-The Lewis and Clark Rural Fire Council received $3,165 Friday afternoon

The Lewis and Clark brewing company raised this money.

In front of the Safeway grocery store Max Pigman, owner of the Lewis and Clark Brewery, presented the check to Dave Sammons, who is the president of the Lewis and Clark Fire Council.

Sammons tells MTN that he is overwhelmed by the support from the community, especially during this intense fire season.

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“It’s overwhelming to support that rural fire departments are receiving throughout the community. I was walking through the store one day just buying sweet tea, and a woman asked if I was buying it for firefighters? I said no it’s for me, and she said oh I would buy it if you were buying it for firefighters. That kind of stuff tugs at your heart strings. The support that the community has given us” said Sammons

Sammons said Lewis and Clark County is still going to Stage I fire restrictions that will take effect midnight. That means no burning whatsoever, and Sammons asks for the public to continue to support the fire departments and not start fires.