LIVINGSTON- A Livingston man is facing charges for allegedly plotting to throw a homemade explosive device into the police station, according to the Livingston police chief on Wednesday.

Bruce Anthony Flack, 45, was arrested over the weekend and faces charges related to possession of explosives.

According to Chief Dale Johnson, a witness told police that Flack claimed he made an explosive device using a Tylenol bottle and nails.

The witness reported that Flack was angry about prior arrests and was seeking revenge on the police, according to Johnson.

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Johnson could not identify what recent arrest Flack may have been angry about, but Flack does have a prior conviction in Park County for robbery.

“We deal with him a lot,” said Johnson.

When police searched Flack’s home over the weekend, they discovered a bottle filled with gun powder, screws, and a fuse.

It’s unclear if the device was actually capable of destruction, but it was confiscated as an explosive.

Johnson said on Wednesday that he believed Flack is in custody.