MT ANG C-130 (MTN News file photo)

GREAT FALLS – The Montana Air National Guard is helping with relief efforts after Hurricane Irma devastated parts of Florida.

The 120th Airlift Wing deployed a C-130 cargo plane. Its crew of seven picked up a mobile communications suite from the 152nd Airlift Wing in Reno.

They delivered the suite to emergency personnel in Florida

This was the first humanitarian mission involving a natural disaster that 120th Airlift Wing personnel and aircraft have participated in while performing the wing’s new airlift mission.

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“The men and women of the 120th Airlift Wing have been outstanding in their overall desire and passion to volunteer and assist during this crisis,” said 120th Operations Group Commander Lt. Col. Trace Thomas. “We had an excess of volunteers for the tasking requested of us.”

Thomas also said that the 120th Airlift Wing is committed to ensure personnel and resources are available if requested to assist with battling Montana’s forest fires.