Montana Made: Kracklin’ Kamut

BIG SANDY-Big Sandy Organics says business hasn’t slowed down since Kracklin’ Kamut was introduced to the snack market around two years ago.

With an increase in demand, the company built a new facility in Big Sandy and also upgraded their fryer system.

“We burn up less oil, so we can actually give less fat content in our snack product. so we’re using less oil in the whole process from start to finish,” said Production Manager Randy Edwards.

The snack is 100% organic, with it’s three main ingredients being wheat, safflower oil, and sea salt.

Staff says Krackin’ Kamut is truly a Montana Made product as the majority of kamut grain is grown in the northern part of the state and the safflower oil is grown and pressed near Big Sandy.

“The only thing we don’t have is our seasoning; Montana doesn’t have a large surplus of sea salt, so we get that from Salt Lake.”

They say consumers can trust the snack’s production process as ingredients are boiled and fried, killing nearly 100% of bacteria found in the wheat.

“So salmonella, E. Coli, and stuff like that is all taken out in our cooking process,” added Edwards.

Along with a new building and fryer system, the company also introduced re-branded packaging to retailers that showcase more Montana pride.

“No more orange package in the stores, they’ll see that new blue package and the Made in Montana logo,” said General Manager Thomas Dilworth.

Big Sandy Organics serves clients around the Northwest through distribution services including Food Services of America.

Staff says the product has been well-received outside the Treasure State as it offers a unique and healthy wheat-snack alternative to popular corn snacks and vending machine options.

Edwards says consumers will pay between a dollar 30 and a dollar fifty per snack. An individual package weighs 1.5 ounces and contains around 5 grams of protein.

“I haven’t seen one product that’s similar to ours, the closest representation is corn nuts. Obviously, that’s corn and not wheat um, and we don’t break teeth with our product, so that’s good,” said Dilworth.

Big Sandy Organics say future projects include adding more Kracklin’ Kamut snack flavors, along with building another facility and developing a Kamut drink.