The Montana Wildfire Relief Fund has now raised more than a quarter of a million dollars.

As of Wednesday, the fund had received 942 donations and now stands at $272,353.24. That figure includes a $50,000 donation from the Montana Television Network.

In addition, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund and Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has donated $50,000, American Bank donated $10,000 and PureWest Christies International Real Estate in Bozeman chipped in another $10,000.

The Alice Lee Lund Charitable Trust, based in Great Falls, has offered a $5,000 match beginning Thursday.

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The Montana Television Network developed the fund to help firefighters and communities affected by Montana’s devastating fire season.  We want to focus on helping volunteer fire departments and the fire districts they serve.

The money will be awarded through a grant process. The grant applications will open Oct. 9. More information will be available soon.

More than 4,000 firefighters have been involved in the battle against the fires this season; two of them lost their lives fighting fires in western Montana. An estimated 1,295,959 acres have burned this year across Montana (as of Sept. 20).

GIVE BY MAIL: Mail your check payable to the Montana Community Foundation, PO Box 1145, Helena, MT 59624-1145. Write “Montana Fire Relief Fund” in the memo line.

GIVE ONLINE: Click here

Every donation – no matter how small it may seem – can help make a difference, and demonstrates that people across Montana and beyond care about the Treasure State and the people who make it special.

On Wednesday, the Montana Community Foundation shared some of the comments from those who have donated to the fund:

  • Bigfork was spared this year, maybe not so lucky the next year. We watched as Lolo, Seeley Swan, Thompson Falls, and Eureka burned and suffered from the hazardous air. Here’s hope this contribution will help residents and firefighters.
  • In honor of ranchers and other Montanans who have suffered during this summer’s wildfire season.
  • I have traveled to Marion Montana since I was little 56 years and my family is from Montana. I love the people, the county and the Firefighters!
  • Our son, Braden, wanted to set up a lemonade stand at a recent MSU Bobcat game to raise money for Wildfire Relief. He raised $187 to honor the firefighters and help with fire relief this year.
  • We have a cabin in the Elk Meadows subdivision. Extremely grateful to all the firefighters for their valiant effort.
  • We are forever grateful to all of the firefighters who worked so tirelessly and bravely to save our precious ranches and forests. We especially want to thank all of you who were at the “Hoon spike camp” it was a privilege to have you here. Thank you for all you did for our community while fighting the Alice Creek fire. God bless you all.
  • Thank you to all involved in helping battle the fires…especially the firefighters. Our thoughts are with the two families who lost their loved ones.
  • To all who were responsible for our safety this 2017 fire season….we can’t thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf.
  • Our prayers are with you. Good luck to all.
  • I know you are having a hard time in the state and much of the attention is with other parts of the country. Hope this helps those who have been suffered from the wildfires.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with the family members of the two firefighters, who lost their lives… I am also thinking of those who have lost their property and/or possessions, I cannot even imagine how hard that would be?? I am glad that I am able to make this small contribution and I appreciate what you people at KPAX do for our community!! Thank you…
  • This is in honor of all the firefighters that have risked their lives to save lives, homes, animals, land and livelihoods of fellow Montanans! God bless all of the firefighters and we have prayed and are praying still!!
  • This is a donation that was raised by our Roosevelt Elementary students, families and staff in Great Falls, MT. We did a 4 days 4 Firefighters Fundraiser this week and had different themes for each day and encouraged students to bring in a $1.00 each day for the cause. We celebrated with a Wear Red for Firefighters Day, Support the Wildfire Fund with Wild hair Day, We love the 406 Day (wearing Montana gear), and ending with Hats Off to Firefighters with a hat day. The kids had fun and were able to make a contribution to a great cause
  • We’ve had catastrophic storms in the U.S. but these fires are catastrophic to us in Montana and it’s nice to be able to help here at home.
  • The ladies of our Bunco group decided to all make a small donation at our game night this month to help an area that was dealing with a natural disaster. We have heard that you are dealing with wildfires out that way and wanted to send this $150.00 to you to use to help those who have been impacted by the wildfires. – The Bunco Babes of Clinton, Illinois
  • My husband and I are full time RVers, that is we live in our RV and travel the country. We have spent the past 5 weeks in various places in Montana. You have a beautiful state and we hate to see it burning. Yet, we have such respect for the brave people fighting this disaster. Bless you all.
  • We visited Glacier this summer and fell in love so wanted to help out any way we could!
  • We donate this money to help the courageous men and women working to keep Montana and Montanans safe from the numerous wildfires this year. Montana will always be my home, and my husband and I pray for the safety of all involved.
  • Thank you to the men and women who fight to save our homes and forests. And for those who gave their lives may their families receive some comfort knowing that Montanans are grateful for their service.
  • My heart will always be in Montana.
  • For the LOVE of MONTANA