GREAT FALLS – Costco will now have locally sourced eggs available in their stores across Montana and Washington thanks to a Montana egg facility.

Over 30 Hutterite colonies have partnered with Costco to provide cage-free, organic eggs to many of their stores.

The $9 million facility opened on Monday, is an egg-grading plant and will host over 45,000 hens to provide roughly 280 million eggs annually.


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The eggs will be graded, sorted, packaged and shipped out from Great Falls.

The 55,000-square foot facility is located on 38th Street between 10th Avenue North and River Drive.

An estimated 650,000 eggs will be graded each day, sourced from a collaborative of 35 Hutterite colonies across Montana.

The facility will employ more than 30 people and requires 100 Hutterite members to run the 35 chicken barns.

The eggs will go mostly to 25 Costco stores across the Pacific Northwest.