Courtesy: Lewis and Clark Co.

HELENA-The Lewis and Clark County commissioners are considering establishing a zoning district for the proposed Lewis and Clark County military affected area.

The area covers more than 20,700 acres surrounding Fort Harrison.

It aims to improve safety and reduce conflicts between Fort Harrison and the surrounding community by considering light and noise, traffic, fire safety and development density among other things.

The military affected area was identified in the Fort Harrison-Limestone Hills joint land use study.

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The public meeting is planned for 9:00 a.m., September 14, 2017, in room 330 of the city-county building.

You can read the proposal on the Lewis and Clark Co. website.


  1. This is a way the county can hide under the skirt of the military and pass ridiculous regulations on taxpayers in the area west of town. The state needs to step in and regulate Lewis anc Clark county commission.If this is passed it will bring about a avalanche of lawsuits and costs to the public why is the county being sued all the time and using tax dollars to defend its ridiculous ideas???