Grant Kier, former director for Montana Land Trusts,

MISSOULA – It’s been less than four months since Greg Gianforte won Montana’s at-large congressional seat, but already, the Bozeman-businessman has a challenger ready to face him in 2018.

Grant Kier, former director for Montana Land Trusts, is throwing his hat into the Congressional ring running as a Democrat.  He made the announcement before a crowd of about 100 supporters Tuesday evening.

Kier says he hopes to put aside party-line squabbling if sent to Washington and work toward bettering both Montana and the nation. He says, right now, the partisan divide is hurting the country.

“And even though they know that we solve problems best when we come together, they continue to divide us and turn every issue into a fight between us.  I’m running for Congress because this is unacceptable,” said Kier during his announcement. “This is not who we are in Montana.”

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Depending on how many others throw their hats into the ring, Kier could face fellow Democrats in a June, 2018 primary.  The general election will be Nov. 6, 2018.

MTN’s Eric Clements