HELENA Suicide is not easy to talk about, but the high school in Boulder is using the topic as a way to make a change for the better.

Jefferson High School’s 3rd annual Run 4 Seventy-Five raises money for suicide prevention in memory of one their high school football players, Denis Karaseva, who committed suicide three years ago.

Over 160 people showed up in Boulder on Friday for the Run 4 Seventy-Five.  The run uses the number 75 because it was the football jersey number of Karaseva.

Liudmila Karaseva Denis’ sister, said he died in November 2014, he was 17.

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“It’s hard coming here but I’m just really happy that something good came out of it, I don’t know, I just hope nobody…I don’t know….I just hope something comes good out this and I think this is a really amazing thing Josh started,” said Liudmila.

Josh Eckmann who is now a senior, organizes the event. He met Denis when he was a freshman at Jefferson High.

Josh’s Brother A.J was a close friend of Denis’ and started the race three years ago, Josh has since taken over coordinating the event.

“It’s important because we held Denis close and you never see that type of thing coming, so, it’s important to remember,” said Eckmann.

“I think it just a good time to do, its just to remind people we need to watch out for each other we need to address these things,” said Josh Eckmann, a friend of Karaseva family.

Jaxson Yanzizk said he remembers like it was yesterday when he heard the news of Denis’ passing.

“I saw him the day before all of it happened and it means a lot to make sure all the people know we care and having a big group that knows,” said Jaxson Yanzizk, Jefferson high school student.

“You know for some people it just might be a run but you for all of here its a memory of Denis my brother, so….it means a lot,” said Liudmila Karaseva, sister of Denis Karaseva.

It was $10 to participate in the Run-For-75, and they raised $2,000 for suicide prevention.All proceeds will go to mental health facilities throughout Montana.

All proceeds will go to mental health facilities throughout Montana.