HELENA-Red Flag conditions eased up Monday giving firefighters on the Alice Creek fire a quick chance to catch their breath.

The hot and windy weather that triggered the Red Flag warning was directly responsible for the fire’s weekend growth.

KTVH Chief Meteorologist Curtis Grevenitz breaks down those conditions and concerns in this week’s weather wise.

Over the labor day weekend, the Alice Creek fire blew up. The active fire burning east of Rogers Pass has multiple helicopters doing water drops on hot spots.

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Over the weekend, it was hot, windy and dry with Red Flag warning conditions. But by Monday, temperatures had dropped into the 40s and 50s for the morning.

There’s also been a brief increase in the relative humidity that is slowing some of the fire behavior down.

But it is not just the Alice Creek fire that has people in the area concerned. The Park Creek fire north of Lincoln and the Rice Ridge Fire outside Seeley Lake is almost continually throwing off thick smoke.

The Highway 200 corridor runs near all three of those fires. Firefighters are using Highway 200 to move equipment to these fires and as a fire block.

If the fire were to jump Highway 200, it could push toward Wolf Creek.

There are also vital communication towers in the area the fire could threaten if it crosses Highway 200.

And while temperatures have backed off a bit, Montana is not out of the wood so to speak. Hot, dry weather is forecast to return later in September.