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WHITEFISH – It’s been an extraordinary wildfire season. Families have been displaced and dedicated firefighters have worked tirelessly on the front lines. But with the

But with the devastation, there has also been an outpouring of support and generosity as Montanans look to pick up the pieces and help each other move forward.

Fire relief donations are pouring in and a small business in Whitefish is making a big impact to help support their fellow Montanans.

The Montana Shirt Co. is donating the proceeds from their Montana Strong shirt design to those affected by this year’s wildfire season.

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Dave and Natalie Elliott, who own the company, said in the first four days of the campaign they raised $25,000 for Montanans in need, and they keep raising more.

The Elliotts said people from all over the country have been ordering shirts in support of the relief efforts. On top of that, the $25,000 donation will be matched by the Montana Television Network.

“We really wanted to make sure that the money we donated stayed in Montana,” Dave said. “The big reason why we chose the Montana Wildfire Relief Fund is because we saw that the Montana Television Network was going to be matching donations up to fifty-thousand-dollars. And so we saw that and thought ‘Hey why don’t we put our money, the twenty-five-thousand, into that fund and hopefully that will be matched and have the opportunity to really help families in need.”

The Elliot’s #MontanaStrong shirt campaign will continue through September. You can click here to find more info on where to get a shirt.

MTN’s Nicole Miller