Augustus Standingrock, 26, and Tiffanie Pierce, 23 in court on 10.4.17. (Augusta McDonnell/MTN News photo)

MISSOULA – The two suspects of a gruesome August murder on Strand Avenue in Missoula  pleaded not guilty during separate court appearances on Wednesday.

Tiffanie Pierce, 23, and Augustus Standing Rock, 26.

Augustus Standingrock, 26, and Tiffanie Pierce, 23 appeared in Missoula County District Court before Judge James Wheelis on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Standingrock had been “violent” while in custody.

The bodies of Marilyn Pickett, 15, and Jackson Wiles,24, were found Aug. 17 when police arrived at a home with a search warrant in connection with a reported “home invasion burglary/stabbing” that occurred on July 23.

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Police said the bodies had been placed into plastic tubs filled with chemicals.

The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office reported at the time that the initial investigation indicated that Pickett and Wiles died from stab wounds.

Murder victims Marilyn Pickett, 15, and Jackson Wiles, 24