HELENA – Sweeping changes were announced Tuesday by the administration at St. Peter’s Hospital.

First a name change; from St. Peter’s Hospital to St. Peter’s Health”. CEO Wade Johnson says the name change reflects the wide range of services provided by the hospital and St. Peter’s Medical Group.

The organization also announced an ambitious plan to change the way they do business. That plan includes new operating boards for both the hospital and for the medical group, both of which report to the St. Peter’s board.

Johnson says the operating boards will give physicians a greater hand in decision-making as well as bring decisions closer to patients.

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A new facility master plan is also in the works. It looks at the physical structure of St. Pete’s campus along with a glimpse at what spaces will be needed for future services and new medical technology.

St. Pete’s is also getting ready to put a new Electronic Medical Record’s system in place. Johnson said his team is currently evaluating the options and impacts of such a change.

Johnson said significant changes are taking place nationally when it comes to healthcare.

Specifically, how hospitals and medical groups are paid and what they are paid for. He said successful outcomes for patients are becoming a key factor when it comes to value-based payment models.

MTN News asked Johnson about persistent complaints regarding St. Pete’s billing system. He said it’s a significant issue and the billing process is being revamped. He added that St. Pete’s has taken steps to put metrics and monitoring in place to track billing system improvements.

Johnson said the next few years will be a time of transition and transformation for St. Pete’s.

“To improve the patient experience and to make sure that we’re listening to the community and we’re shaping our services in such a way that it’s meeting the community need.”

“That’s really where our focus needs to be on the community, on the patient, not on ourselves, Johnson added. “I want those folks to look at that and say ‘Wow! How do we do that? How do we take care of our community the way that Saint Peter’s takes care of their community?’”

“That’s what I want in five to seven years.”

The hospital will officially roll out their new brand to the community in January.

St. Pete’s is holding a public meeting on their facility master plan Wednesday night at 6 at the Hospital Education Center.

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  1. Maybe you should work on staff infection control. Make it a safer hospital rather than concentrating on how your getting your money . You should be planning how you can pay back the people that have come into your hospital for something simple and left with a horrible staff infection that eventually put this person in the nursing home.