HELENA- Montana school kids across the state took a bite out of locally produced apples as a part of Montana Crunch Time.

The event coincides with National Farm to School Month.  It had hundreds of Helena Middle School students taking a coordinated bite out of Montana apples to help encourage healthy eating and farm to school programs.

Swanson’s Mountain View Orchards in Corvallis, MT provided 800 apples.

Montana Department of Agriculture Director Ben Thomas led the crunch countdown.

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Thomas said that he hopes this gives Montana farmers another market for their product and provides Montana kids with healthy locally produced food.

HMS students have been working with the Montana Department of Agriculture for Farm to School Month and have learned about where food comes from and what the state produces.

Montana Farm to School Coordinator Aubree Roth said this was a great event to help kids make a connection to their food.

“Montana is a huge agricultural producer, and it gives us that opportunity to highlight that, especially for students that might be disconnected from that production process,” said Roth.

HMS student Johnny Walker said his class has been having fun trying food grown from all over Montana and making meals out of it.

Walker added that it’s easy to tell when the food is fresher compared to some store-bought food.