HELENA – We all think our four-legged friends are the best, but dozens of dog owners put those claims to the test in Helena on Friday.

According to Susan Suder, the trial chair for the Arf and Running Agility Club, more than 60 canines had their skills tested at the dog agility trials. The dog club holds the multi-day event twice a year where canines run around in an 80 by 120-foot ring and test their skills using tunnels, hoops, barrels and weave poles.

Leah Andersen, a dog trainer, competed on Friday along with her two children. Andersen has been training dogs for 12 year and has won the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) championship multiple times with her male dog.

“It’s a tremendous amount of work,” Andersen said. “I love the connection with the dog and the time you spend with them, both training and competing. It’s a very special bond and when you go out and you work like this it creates even more of a bond than just having a pet.”

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The event continues through this weekend.

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