HELENA – Montana’s Original Governor’s Mansion rarely opens to visitors after the sun goes down, but there is one exception.

On Tuesday night, for Halloween, the doors will be open for those who dare stop by to take a peek inside.

There have only been a handful of times the doors have opened for such an event, allowing the bravest to come into the mansion and possibly see what others have spoken of:  ghostly sightings of a former first lady and her small child wandering the home… or the ghost cat who slips away into the night.

Bobi Harris, who helps care for the home and provides tours, says all are welcome to trick or treat at the Governor’s Mansion on Halloween.

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“Not everyone has enjoyed visiting the mansion on Oct. 31.  We’ve even had some refuse to come in.  Actually, some of the visitors look as scary as any of the stories you may have heard about an empty, old house,” said Harris.  “We will be ready for whatever happens.  I’m not sure how the first lady is getting into the house.   Before we leave we always secure the home.  We lock every lock, lock every window, turn off all the lights and get out as fast as we can.”

The mansion’s festivities will take place on Halloween night from 6 to 8 p.m.