HELENA- General hunting season opened in Montana this weekend and for meat processors, the tagged animals that are brought in are vital to their operations.

Tizer Meats in the Helena Valley has already seen well over a hundred animals since October 21st.

It is the company’s job to turn that game into steaks, sausages, and hamburger.

Tizer Meats will have nine people on staff working seven days a week until November 26th just to keep up with processing demands.

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Michael “Griz” Martin of Tizer Meats says despite the long hours he loves it.

For Martin the best part is seeing kids come in with their first animal and listening to the stories of each hunt.

“I just like hearing the stories,” said Martin, “It’s neat to be able to converse with these people who have been out in the woods and they just come back and they’re all happy and tell you their whole story.”

Martin joked that he used to be an avid hunter but only gets to go out one weekend a year because he’s needed at the shop.

Tizer Meats also wanted to thank the individuals that had donated their animal to be processed for Helena Food Share.