GREAT FALLS- Members of the Great Falls Youth Climbing Team competed at the Stone Tree Climbing Center in Helena last Saturday and placed in the top 10 for each category.

The Hi-Line Climbing Center owner and manager Brian Thompson said this is the first year the Center has had a youth team, who chose a sloth as their mascot.

Ten kids of all ages are on the team and the youngest member is seven years old.

The competitions are judged in four different age categories and teams rely on individual performances that are added to the group’s final score.

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Thompson said it’s been a fun first season and he believes kids who like to compete as a group, or who enjoy climbing alone, can enjoy the sport.

“It’s a sport that’s not necessarily the same as team sports and that’s attractive to some of the kids,” Thompson said. “Other kids come in from team sports and they do just fantastic but it’s an individual sport so it’s really about their own motivation, they can go as far as they want or as high as they want with it.”

He added this is the first year the state has had five climbing competition venues.

The Great Falls Youth Climbing Team has four more competitions left this season.

Stonetree Showdown Comp Results per age group

Brandon Hanlon (Male Junior 16-18yo) 4th

Gabrielle Warner (Female Youth B 12-14yo) 10th

Christian Buhler (Male Youth B 12-14yo) 1st

Gabriel Layton (Male Youth B 12-14yo) 10th

Layla Kerr (Female Youth C 10-12yo) 2nd

Addison Lee (Female Youth C 10-12yo) 11th

Aedan Bingham (Male Youth C 10-12yo) 11th

Simon Kerr (Male Youth D 8 and younger) 4th

Cohen King (Male Youth D 8 and younger) 11th