Courtesy: City of Helena

HELENA- The city of Helena is highlighting poor recycling and garbage practices with its Haul of Shame web pages.

The city’s website features two different Haul of Shame sections, one for recycling and one for solid waste.

The recycling page shows various situations of garbage mixed in with trash, unbroken down cardboard boxes, plastic containers with food residue and improperly placed glass and compostables.

Helena offers both curbside recycling, recycling at the transfer station, and off-site locations. The city requires a permit or cash payment for recycling at the transfer station. The transfer station accepts clean and dry aluminum, broken down corrugated cardboard, magazines a half inch thick or less, newspaper and newsprint, office paper and clear and translucent plastic types #1 and #2.

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Curbside recycling offered by the city takes similar items. In both instances, any food containers should be rinsed and clear of residue.

In some cases, if garbage is mixed in with recyclables the entire bin will end up in the landfill.

The Haul of Shame for solid waste mainly highlights overfilled bins, bins filled with restricted items, and improperly placed garbage cans.