Kody Kyle Fettig

HELENA – A Helena suspect is charged with 8 felonies, involving sexual abuse of juvenile females.

Kody Kyle Fettig was arrested Wednesday. His charges include two counts of sexual abuse of children and four counts of rape over several years.

Charging documents alleged the 31-year-old Fettig began abusing one victim when she was 7 years old.

Prosecutors say Fettig allegedly paid one of the victims $25 each time he videotaped the two involved in sex acts. He’s also accused of photographing his victims while they were nude.

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One of the victims told prosecutors on several occasions Fettig allegedly abused two females at the same time.

One victim told investigators Fettig allegedly offered to let her wear a mask to cover her eyes in order to make her more comfortable during the alleged acts of abuse.

Two of the victims told investigators Fettig would shave their legs for them.

If convicted on all counts, Fettig could face a maximum prison term of 800 years.

His bond has been set at $250,000.00. He’ll be arraigned on Nov. 1.