GREAT FALLS- Montana Public Service Commission and Northwestern Energy are being sued in Cascade County District Court.

During a hearing last week, Martin Wilde’s lawyers asked for Judge John Kutzman to file a pre-injunction.

In the complaint, Wilde argues that the actions of the defendants will stop the development of renewable energy in Montana.

The complaint states that the commission set rates for independent wind and solar developers at about one-third the rates set for Northwestern’s assets.

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They have also reduced the contract duration for wind and solar.

The prosecution also has audio from a Public Service Commission meeting where one of the commissioners says he believes the price is going to kill wind and solar.

“Actually, the ten years might do it, if the price doesn’t. Honestly, at this low price, I can’t imagine anyone, anyone is going to get into it. It becomes a total mode point because just dropping the rate that much probably took care of the whole thing,” Bob Love said.

The Montana Public Service Commission lawyers say if the higher rates that Wilde is asking for are approved, the cost will be passed down to the consumers.

Lawyers with Northwestern Energy say that Wilde has not followed the administrative policy and therefore has failed to exhaust his administrative remedies in the matter.

Kutzman has not made a decision about the pre-injunction at this time.