Beau Donaldson from Montana Department of Corrections

MISSOULA – The Missoula County Attorney’s office entered a petition to revoke former UM football player Beau Donaldson’s suspended sentence because prosecutors say he violated his parole repeatedly while living in Bozeman.

Donaldson was sentenced in 2013 after pleading guilty to rape charges. He was sent to prison for 30 years with 20 of those years suspended.

Donaldson was released after three years and placed on parole in Bozeman in 2016.

Probation and parole officials reported to Missoula County Prosecutor Kirsten Pabst that Donaldson spent several days in the Gallatin County jail in late July after he admitted to spending time in bars and drinking the week prior.

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More information about additional parole violations came forward while Donaldson was in jail during that time. He was accused of traveling out of state and consuming more alcohol, as well as using social media accounts. He admitted to these accusations and turned over his smartphone, probation and parole officials said.

In late August, Donaldson admitted to entering bars and taking prescription drugs without a prescription. Further social media activity on his part, specifically Instagram, was discovered, and he was once again taken to jail, this time for a week.

In court documents, Pabst said that the Department of Corrections has exhausted incentives and intervention protocols and that his behavior shows that he will not be responsive to further parole enforcement.

In the letter that probation and parole officials sent to Pabst, they said that Department of Corrections will continue to work with Donaldson.

They report that Donaldson said ‘he gets it, and needs to buckle down.’

Donaldson’s rape case received wide publicity at a time when the University of Montana was under scrutiny for its handling of multiple sexual assault allegations.