GREAT FALLS – A documentary film crew from Texas chose Big Sandy as the first stop for their international documentary film project, “Cowboys Without Borders.”

The film follows the lives, cultures and heritages of ranchers from North, South and Central America, the regions where crews shot the film and the meaning of the acronym behind NACASA Productions.

“Cowboys Without Borders” director Gaston Davis has ranching in his veins.

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He is a sixth-generation Texas rancher on his dad’s side and his mom’s side has owned a ranch in northern Mexico for 70 years.


“I had heard stories from my granddad whenever I was a little kid, he would tell us stories about the old days, the old west, cowboys, and riding horses,” Davis explained.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Davis worked on 12 ranches in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

He then formed a small film crew of professionals in Austin, which included Alex Walker as cinematographer and Ilissa Nolan as producer.

Through connections at the Texas Department of Agriculture, Davis linked up with Richard Roth of the IX Ranch in Big Sandy.

“It’s one of the most prominent beef producing ranches in the state of Montana and with the heritage and success of the ranch, we thought it would be the perfect first stop on our trip,” Davis said.

The crew documented the IX Ranch during the preparation-period for sorting calves in the fall before shipping time.

“This is what cowboys are doing around the world and look how similar they are,” Richard Roth, IX vice president and manager, said. “You go all this way north to south, and you know, they do a lot of the same things the exact same way.”

The film crew went on to shoot on ranches in Texas, Mexico and Argentina, defining what it means to be a cowboy and showcasing a lifestyle that transcends borders.

“Cowboys Without Borders” is currently being edited in Austin.

Davis and his crew plan to start the film festival submission process and to start searching for a distributor in the spring.