Helena- Montana has received an extension from the Department of Homeland Security as it works to get the state in compliance with the Real ID Act.

The extension runs for a year until October of 2018. That means Montana residents can still use their current ID for domestic travel for at least one more year.

Congress passed the Real ID act in 2005 at the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission. It is a series of standards for the issuance of identification and driver’s licenses.’

People without Real ID compliant identification are barred from entering some federal facilities and military installations. Without the extension, people with a Montana ID or license would not have been able to board a commercial airplane starting in January.

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“It doesn’t impact anybody’s travel at this point. Anything they could do now or yesterday they can continue to do and shouldn’t worry about it ” explains Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Sarah Garcia. “What Motor Vehicle Division will continue to do at this point is communicate those timelines now that we have a firm one-year extension to continue with our implementation of Real ID.”

In 2007 Montana lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting the state from complying with the Real ID Act. The 2017 Legislature approved complying with the law.

The state of Montana plans to be issuing Real ID-compliant credentials by January of 2019. Montana residents will have the option of choosing a Real ID compliant identification. It will cost $25 if the option is selected during a normal renewal period, $50 outside of a renewal period.

You can find more details on the Montana Department of Justice website.