MTN Wildfire Relief Fund now over $300,000

HELENA- The MTN Montana Wildlife Relief Fund has now received over $300,000 in donations to help with wildfire relief.

On Monday, 77 new donations had been made totaling $12,783.99. This brings the fund to $304,035.74.

Currently, there is a generous match being made to the fund by Carl and Kay Carbon of Great Falls. Carl and Kay Carbon are matching the next $50,000 worth of donations that started Friday at 5 p.m.  The match is an excellent opportunity to stretch your contribution.

The MTN Montana Wildfire Relief Fund is a partnership between the Montana Television Network and the Montana Community Foundation.

Montana Television Network parent company Cordillera Communications matched the first $50,000 raised. The Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund and Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation also matched $50,000.

The Montana Shirt Co. contributed $25,000 to the fund. American Bank and PureWest Christies International Real Estate have contributed $10,000 apiece.

The Shopko Foundation and the Alice Lee Lund Charitable Trust have each donated $5,000.

Money raised will go to help those impacted by the wildfires of 2017.

The grant application process is set to begin Oct. 9. Volunteer fire departments across Montana are encouraged to apply. The Montana Community Foundation is also working with smaller community foundations around the state to assess need.

For more information and to make a contribution to the fund go the Montana Community Foundation web page.