Post-fire assessment issued for Park Creek Fire burn area

HELENA – A burned area emergency response team has issued its assessment of post-fire conditions on the Park Creek Fire north of Lincoln.

According to the report, about 30 percent of the burned area, just over 3,800 acres, showed soil prone to hazards.

The area was surveyed by a BAER team comprised of Forest Service scientists and specialists. They evaluated the burned areas inside the fire perimeter to determine post-fire conditions and identify threats to people’s lives and safety, property and critical natural and cultural resources.

The team also determined the risk for threats like flash floods, mudslides and erosion.

The primary areas at risk are the roads, trails and fish habitat.

Officials say people in the forest downslope of burned out areas should be alert for rolling rocks, flooding and falling trees.

Some measures have already been approved to help mitigate potential dangers, including removal of hazardous trees along roads and trails, stabilization and storm-proofing trails and roads with added drainage and the treatment of about 270 acres to prevent noxious weeds.

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