GREAT FALLS – Power Public Schools is bringing awareness to childhood cancer by rallying students to raise money to send care packages to children battling severe illnesses.

Students from kindergarten through 12th grade have been selling “Go Gold” bracelets and also raising money through what is known as “penny wars,” in which each class adds pennies to a jar and competes against other classes to get the most.

Altogether, the programs have raised $11,000.

On Friday, the Big-Pirate-Little-Pirate program met and assembled six care packages.

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Two of the packages are going to kids from the Power community. One kindergartner is fighting leukemia and the other is teacher’s child who recently battled a tumor.

According to Theresa Burgmaier, the kindergarten teacher, she wants to teach her students empathy.

“I want them to be empathetic towards other children so this is a chance for them to empathize with children who are sick and who can’t live at home,” she said. “It makes them realize that they may be only four or five or still in high school but they can do something so little as send a care package and just totally brighten a child’s day.”

The program still has around $500 left. They are asking for suggestions for a child to receive a care package that is specially designed to their interests, call Power Public Schools at (406) 463-2251.