HELENA – The Montana State Fund declared a record dividend and will return some $40 million to policyholders across the state.

The Montana State Fund is the state’s largest workers compensation insurance company.

The dividend will be paid out to some 23,000 qualifying policyholders with a strong record of workplace safety. The Lewis and Clark County area businesses will share $3.3 million. Cascade County employers will receive about $2.6 million in dividends.

At the State Fund headquarters today, Diamond Construction was presented with a nearly $58,000 dividend check.

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“You know for me, if I felt like I was taking care of by my company, it would make me feel more appreciated by the company, and make me want to stay there, so a lot of it is, employer-based and making sure they feel appreciated and lot of it is safety,” said Andrea McKeever, Diamond Construction Helena Operations President.

“Our goal here is when Montanans leave home in the morning and say goodbye to their families that they come home in the same condition that they left,” said Laurence Hubbard, President/CEO of Montana State Fund.

The Montana State Fund says the dividend for a qualified policyholder is about 28 percent of their premium.

Since 1999 the Montana State Fund has issued $216 million in dividends.