Courtesy Helena Tourism Business Improvement District
Courtesy Helena Tourism Business Improvement District

HELENA – The new Helena Walking Tour app for mobile devices lets Helena residents and visitors alike look through a window to the past.

Scattered throughout the Capital City are sticker spots on the sidewalk that indicate where an augmented reality historic photo can be brought up.

The app currently features 12 historic photo spots with more planned to be released in Spring 2018.

With each picture there is also a write-up about the history of the area by Dr. Ellen Baumler of the Montana Historical Society.

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Interim Executive Director of the Helena Tourism Alliance Anna Strange says that it’s amazing how much is in the new app.

“It’s a powerful tool to be able to learn more about where you live and any time I see someone using it or talked to some who has used it, they’re blown away by the information that’s available in there. “ said Strange.

Courtesy Helena Tourism Business Improvement District

The app was developed by 2017 Helena High School graduates Sam Luther and Bernard Kintzing with leadership from Cory Albright of 52 Sierra.

The App was funded by the Helena Tourism Business Improvement District and the historic images were donated by the Montana Historical Society, Lewis & Clark County Historic Preservation Commission and other private collectors.

The program is available on both Apple and Android through Google Play and the iOS App Store

A launch party will be held on Thursday at 3 p.m. at the Montana Club. The event will feature a guided tour with the app beginning at 4:15 p.m.