Courtesy the TransCanada Twitter page

AMHERST, S.D. – TransCanada issued a statement Thursday afternoon after the Keystone Pipeline leaked approximately 210,000 gallons in South Dakota.

In the release the company said, crews safely shut down the pipeline at around 5 a.m. after a drop in pressure was detected in the operating system from the oil leak.

The leak is under investigation, the company says and it’s unknown when the pipeline might reopen.

TransCanada officials say roughly 5,000 barrels leaked 35 miles south of the Ludden pump station in Marshall County, S.D. The area was isolated within 15 minutes and emergency response procedures were activated.

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The company told NBC the leak appears to be contained to an agricultural area and hasn’t reached any bodies of water.

In a statement, TransCanada said, “The safety of the public and environment are our top priorities and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

They say they shut down the pipeline from Hardisty in the Canadian province of Alberta to Cushing, Okla. and to Patoka, Ill.

The company Tweeted a photo of the incident Thursday afternoon.

Crews, assessing the situation include TransCanada specialists from emergency management, engineering, environmental management and national safety experts, the press release said.   State and federal regulators from TransCanada are working on the scene as well as officials from the Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and the National Response Center.

The company says they are working with other shippers and customers in other areas as the pipeline remains shut down. They also said the shut down does not affect the Marketlink pipeline system, which uses the facilities of the southern leg of the Keystone system from Cushing to the Gulf Coast.

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