Class Act: Meet the Turkeys

HELENA – Families visiting ExplorationWorks on Wednesday got a chance to “Meet The Turkeys”.

Helena resident, Jamie O’Malley, brought in a couple of her turkey’s to the science museum’s garden. The turkeys’ names are Big Red and Clove.

Hosting their annual Meet the Turkeys event was ExplorationWorks’ way of celebrating Thanksgiving.

Wyatt Cline said it was fun meeting the turkeys, but, his family has a different Thanksgiving tradition.

“Yeah I’m excited about Thanksgiving, I get to have crab, because we’re not having a turkey,” said Cline.

Inside ExplorationWorks, kids were able to participate in food science activities that included using baking soda to change the color of the food, and crafts such as making their own turkeys out of pipe cleaners.

“Its always a special time of year for me. I love Thanksgiving, it’s one of those holidays you are just thankful to be together, enjoy some great food and yeah it’s always a good holiday for me, I’m looking forward to it,” said Kelly Posewitz, ExplorationWorks Executive Director.

ExplorationWorks is celebrating their 10th birthday and is fundraising to get a new water activity table.

People who donate $100 or more will get their names on a fish plaque on the wall.