HELENA – All this week Montana High School Students can learn more about higher education through Montana’s College Application Week.

The program gives high school seniors the opportunity to learn more about Montana colleges and universities. The program aims to help more students succeed in the Montana University system.

During College Application Week many colleges in Montana have waived their application fee.

Helena High Councilor Chrissy Murgel said that the savings may seem small but the application cost can, oftentimes, be a barrier for students.

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“It seems kind of silly but just the cost of an application is maybe a reason why students don’t go to college,” said Murgel, “So for the fact that students can apply this week without any kind of fee is huge for them.”

Murgel added that it’s always fun and exciting to help her students take the next step in their lives.

Helena High senior Alanna Vickory said the support she’s received from the school has been great.

“It was definitely intimidating at the beginning,” said Vickory, “but my teachers and counselor have made it seem relatively simple.”

According to the Montana Commissioner of Higher Education, less than 50 percent of Montanan high school graduates enroll in Montana universities.

For more information about Montana College Application Week click here.