Get ready for a bitterly cold night as temperatures drop below 0 for many locations.  Some of the coldest locations could drop down to between -10 and -20!  BUT, changes are happening as warmer air is already starting to move into parts of the state.  Just off the Rocky Mountain Front, a chinook is developing with temperatures beginning to rise.  Tuesday, after a cold start, temperatures will moderate into the 20s and 30s for highs.  Sky will be mostly sunny and southwest wind will increase across northcentral Montana.  Wednesday, another cold front will drop south out of Canada with a little light snow in the northern half of the state.  Accumulation should be about an inch or less but will accumulate on road surfaces.  Highs will drop a few degrees back into the 20s.  Thursday, there will be more of a Pacific influence in our weather allowing temperatures to warm into the 30s and 40s.  Skies will be mostly cloudy, and there will be a few areas of light snow.  Generally, it will be a gray November day.  Friday, a cold front will move through the state with some snow showers, possibly mixed with some raindrops.  Right now, the rain and snow does not look particularly heavy and only a few inches of snow will accumulate in the mountains.  Veterans’ Day Weekend will be generally dry with near average temperatures in the 40s, with 20s and 30s in the mountains.

Stay warm!

Curtis Grevenitz