Courtesy: FBI

SALT LAKE CITY- The FBI’s Salt Lake City Field Office announced a reward Thursday for information related to a July shooting of an agriculture aircraft near Belgrade.

On July 18, a crop duster belonging to Headwaters Flying Service was damaged while spraying a wheat field about two miles east of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

According to the FBI, one bullet struck the plane about 18 inches from the cockpit. A bullet fragment was also found in the wing of the aircraft.

The pilot was not injured and was able to safely land the plane in Three Forks.

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Testing determined the round came from a .22 caliber long rifle.

The FBI says it is approaching the incident from a public safety standpoint and wants to understand why this happened and ensure it does not happen again.

Anyone with information should call the FBI Tip Line at: (801) 579-6187.