KALISPELL – The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for a man accused of shooting at another man after a bar fight. A warrant was issued last week for Bryan McCully, 22. 

Sheriff Chuck Curry said following an altercation in a Hungry Horse bar on Sept. 8, McCully went to the home of one of the people involved in the incident and fired over 20 rounds into the house with a rifle.

Curry said that there were people were inside the home at the time, but nobody was seriously hurt in the incident.

“Thankfully in this incident, no one was struck by any of the bullets; there were a lot of them I think we recovered 28 of them. It was fortunate and that’s why there is a deliberate homicide charge pending against Mr. McCully,” Sheriff Curry told MTN News.

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McCully is thought to be in the Canyon or Columbia Falls area. Curry says McCully has violent tendencies and should not be approached.

Anyone with any information is asked to call your local authorities immediately or reach out to the Flathead Crimestoppers by calling 406-758-TIPS.

MTN’s Nicole Miller