Reese Riggin

HELENA – A former Great Falls chiropractor who was convicted on a charge of sexual intercourse without consent, has been paroled.

According to the Montana Department of Corrections, Reese Riggin was released from the Montana State Prison last week.

In August 2016, Riggin was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 15 of those years suspended.

Riggin’s license to practice┬áchiropractic was revoked after allegations of inappropriate touching of his employees came out.

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The victims were employees of Riggin and were required to undergo the treatment to better understand the principles and benefits of treatment.

Riggin’s supervising agency during his parole is the Great Falls Probation & Parole Office.

The Montana Board of Pardons & Parole stipulated that as a condition of parole, Riggin cannot enter any place where intoxicants are the chief item of sale. He is also restricted from entering any place where gambling takes place.