Troy Bashor

MISSOULA – A Frenchtown teacher charged with sexual assault says he’s not guilty.

Troy Bashor entered the not guilty plea to a misdemeanor sexual assault charge Tuesday afternoon in Missoula County Justice Court.

The Frenchtown music teacher has been charged with allegedly fondling and attempting to kiss one of his 16-year-old female students in December 2016.

In court Tuesday, the judge said Bashor will remain out on his own with no bail set; however, his conditions of release are as follows:

  • Bashor will not be allowed on Frenchtown School property for the duration of this case.
  • He cannot have contact with the alleged victim or any witnesses, all communication must go through Bashor’s attorney.
  • He is not allowed any contact with minors except for family members- something prosecutors are worried about.
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“As far as his contact with minors, if the only minor he is going to have contact with is a family member, I don’t have any issue with that, except for that, I think that monitoring that is going to be difficult, right?” said prosecutor Brian Lowney. “The only people that are going to know that are his family, so I don’t object to the conditions although I express reservations to enforce it.”

If found guilty, Bashor faces six months in jail and/or a $500 fine. His next court appearance is slated for January 2018.

MTN’s Kent Luetzen